Riding A Bike With Your Dog-Safety For You And Pooch

Dogs Love Riding With Us

Dog with goggles on

If you have a small dog like I did, these little ones love riding in a bike basket.

Rear view of dog in basket on bicycle in Dublin, Portobello, Dublin, Ireland.

I don’t have my dog anymore, but I took her with me on rides in the basket, almost every time I rode. We went everywhere on the bike. I have some tips for you and your dog not getting hurt because there are obstacles and distractions around at a time.

Other Dogs Are Major Distractions

I was riding really fast around neighborhoods with my little white puff ball Maltese in my basket which was in front. I attached her leash to the basket with her little collar. In the neighborhoods we rode in had lots of dogs. My dog would jump up when another dog was present almost knocking me off the bike.

Over time, I taught her to stop doing this by looking ahead, seeing another dog, I would firmly hold her collar. She soon learned by the collar grab not to jump up. This worked like a charm! We had no problems after she learned that. It was really dangerous because either she would get hurt or we both would tumble off the bike from me trying to save her.

You must have a strong basket that can hold an active little pooch. See this basket.  I chose this basket because although it is a little higher in price, it is military grade, very strong for your beloved pet.

Larger Dogs Run Alongside

Big dog breeds can run alongside your bike on leashes. They also have distractions and obstacles which can become dangerous to a rider. Since they are big, they could pull you off of your bike.

Make sure to start out slow if they are not used to this. It depends on the breed and thickness of coat, always pay attention to weather. If it is really hot, short distances must be used because you dog can become over heated and dehydrated. Once the dog gets used to it, ride a little faster and longer each time.

There are great products available so you can ride with both hands and keep your dog safe.

Bring Water For Yourself And Your Dog

If you have read about me, I used to live in Florida where it is extremely hot and intense humidity most of the year. When riding with my dog, I had a bottle for me and extra one even though she was relaxing in the basket. I would get off and pour water in the cap so she could drink out of it. It is important to stay hydrated in the heat while riding to avoid heat stroke. You can see my article about heat stroke and how to avoid it, here:


Wrapping up

Don’t be afraid to try this with your dog. It is so fun to see your dog excited to go for a ride. I did this so much with my dog, she would see me putting on biking clothes, tying my shoes. She was jumping up and down. Yay! Mom is taking me riding again!

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Active Senior Cycling – Never too Old!

Staying Active Through Cycling While Aging

Senior couple mountain biking on a forest trail, low angle

As we age we get tired and sore quicker, as there are more aches and pains appearing all the time. These can inhibit your desire to exercise. As you know, know I have been riding my whole life. My knees are paying the price, they make a lot of noise, but do not hurt. I stay active in Chicago by walking absolutely everywhere, to work and back and all errands in winter. This spring I will be back on my bike!

Cycling is a great exercise for aging bodies as it is low impact and improves cardiovascular health. Riding can also keep our brains healthy!


How Do Aging Bodies Benefit from Cycling

Between the ages of 20 and 35 is when most people peek, and we heal quicker during those years. I notice this constantly. I am a bartender and on my feet all day, lifting heavy things. I can do this for long hours, but boy do I need rest a lot more now.

Studies have shown that cycling can slow down the progression of aging and loss of muscle and bone mass. The Guardian Report shows that in a five-year study by researchers at Glasglow University found that regular cycling reduced the risk of any cause of death by 41%. It was also found that cycling reduced the occurrence of cancer by 45% and heart disease by 46%. The people were between the ages of 55 and 79.   

Healthy Heart

Other Benefits of Cycling in Senior years

  • Stabilized Testosterone Levels for Men
  • Strength and Endurance
  • Maintaining healthy body fat levels
  • Improved cholesterol levels
  • Improved Immunity, through T Cell production
  • Improved Brain Health 
3d rendering of human brain on technology background represent artificial intelligence and cyber space concept

Biking May Seem Dangerous in Senior Years

It is imperative to protect your knees. Knee braces can really help protect your knees when cycling. It is important to keep your knees facing forward (not wobbling outward our inward).

Always where a helmet  

A senior Asian man of Japanese descent at the park, getting ready to ride his bicycle. He is buckling his bike helmet.

and travel in pairs and/or groups so in case of a fall or other injury, there is someone there to help. Also keep you bike well maintained and in good shape. If riding is too much for you, try an electric bike.  These are made for men and women and will get you out in the fresh air!


Balance problems and concerns


If you have balance issues and biking outside is too dangerous for you, consider taking a spinning class at the gym. I did these for years 3 times per week at the gym, it is fun! You can ride a stationary bike at the gym or in your own home. Doing this at home will save you the gym membership money if you don’t use the gym regularly. Yoga helps with balance and strength as well. You can also do Yoga at home, there are videos on You Tube, and on PBS from time to time. You can also buy inexpensive DVD’s for home use.

Vision Concerns

Clear vision through glasses

When riding outside, stay extra cautious due to vision loss. I have prescription sunglasses and make sure there are no cars or other riders/walkers in my way before taking off. I am 54 and I do not want to fall off of my bike, which very rarely happens, but I did have a bad accident about a year and a half ago. It took and entire year for worst wound to heal. I am very cautious since then.

See your eye doctor regularly for contacts/glasses/sunglasses, so your prescription can be updated.

Let’s have a Conversation


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Cycling Clubs – Join and Meet Riders

Joining a cycling club

There are cycling clubs in every city and you do not have to sign up right away. If you ride around like I do you will see these groups riding. Don’t be shy, ask them if you can ride around with them. These people are usually very welcoming because the goal for these clubs is to ride with like-minded people. If you like it, join up and they will send you an email or text when they have a ride planned, it’s a blast!

My club

I have been in one when I lived in Tampa, it was so fun and I met many people who ride. When I was not riding with a club, I had friends to ride with who I met through the club. My only challenge was being a bartender and working every weekend because they had Personalities rides on Friday nights. If I was every off, I would go and loved it! This club was basically for pleasure, workout riding and stopping in outdoor cafes after for food and drinks to learn the community and explore. 

Below is an email I received from my club where I can reserve my spot.


Personalities of Club

There are a variety of clubs with different activities which is why it is important to do your research and figure out what you like and what you want to do and also have the time for. You will meet people with similar interests and may make a lifetime riding pal or even a partner.

For example, I have been single for years but now I am involved with a partner who is an adventurer like me and wants to do the same activities on our bikes. We live in the western suburbs of Chicago and we both have the strong desire to take our bikes on the train downtown and ride around the city and explore.

Some clubs are Sunday clubs riding and searching for cafe’s full of riders. Club ride leaders are expected to know the back roads to avoid traffic and other ways of helping you enjoy the ride and get a good workout.


If you decide to join a bike club Personalities are knowledgeable people riding with you who can help you with your training. You may be interested in racing or doing a triathlon. You can have fun, get advice and have people to encourage you on your journey. There may be a doctor or physical therapist on your ride to tell you how to keep going, what to eat, drink and stay at your best for your goal.

Networking for business

You will meet a variety of people in different professions during these meetings. You may be looking for a job, for example, and meet someone who is hiring in your field. You may also be looking for employees, a housekeeper, babysitter, etc. These meetings are an excellent resource to meet people in your community.

Let Me Help You Find a Club

I will help you find a club in your city.  Just make a comment telling me where and what type of riding you like to participate in.  I will do the research for you and send you a link to the club’s website, where you will be able to get all the information you need.


Specialized Cycling Clothing – Cool Your Ride!

Summer 2019 is approaching

Although most people who are living in winter now, summer will be here and let’s get out on our bikes. I urge you to remember that riding in the sun and hot temperatures can be uncomfortable. This article will address hot weather clothing and the importance of cooling yourself in hot climates while riding. I have had heat stroke and I made these clothing mistakes. You can see my story here: https://biking-club.com/my-heat-stroke-story/. I was sometimes wearing cotton when other clothes were not washed. No wonder I was hot!

Breathable fabric

Some people do not have a budget to purchase the appropriate clothing for cycling in hot weather. So many people ride in cotton t-shirts. Obviously you can do this but you’ll “drown” in your own sweat because cotton holds the sweat and it is not breathable. It is better to wear a cycling jersey made to keep you cool even on very long rides. Also, padded specialty shorts can keep your skin dry.

High Wicking Fabric

Wicking polyester has a special cross section which carries moisture away from the body, evaporating easily on the outside of the fabric.

Liters of sweat can shed on long rides in the sun so you can stay cool with a jersey made with a high wicking fabric. This fabric traps sweat, away from skin and dries super fast. This will make a huge difference in your comfort level. I ride in summer to go grocery shopping to keep the sweat off of me so that when I walk into to AC I don’t have to freeze. This fabric wears and washes beautifully for years. In fall and spring you can layer with a jacket and under garments that are breathable as well.

Sun Protection and Fit

Cyclist sprinting past desert hills on a hot summers day.

Some jerseys provide sun protection with SPF and UPF ratings. It is difficult to apply sunscreen to your back so these jerseys can provide protection.

Depending on what type of riding you are doing, the fit is personal and important. For racing, you will want a tighter fit because they are more aerodynamic. For touring and leisure cycling you will want a looser fit. This will keep your skin dry and looks nice so you can meet a friend for a post ride drink:)

I used to do this riding in Florida I would be out for hours in cotton and on the way back a friend would text and ask me to meet on my way back. I would arrive and he would say “you’re all sweaty”. My clothes were drenched.

Wrapping Up

As you may know, the purpose of my site is to help people with choosing gear on a budget. Spring and summer is on the way, let’s ride in comfort!


Please leave a comment, question and suggestions of any kind are welcome to improve my website.



Make Money from Home – Legitimate Company!

Wealthy Affiliate is a Legitimate Company

I have been a victim of many work-from-home from home scams in the past. I started researching every company as soon as they sent and email and looked up scams. I found this company researching scams and there was a scam review from someone at Wealthy Affiliate.

This is not me, but this is what I do from home

About Wealthy Affiliate

Weatly Affiliate is a legit training program which is free to join. It has a huge community support and top-notch training videos. If you follow the training and do what is taught right after when building your website, you will end up with a very professional website and a business email account. 

You can earn revenue through writing content and adding affiliate links for selling products that are relevant to your site. Click this link to learn more https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/order/signup .

There is a Low Cost to Become Successful

The starter membership is totally free and you will create a website that is completely hosted and supported through Word Press. Later in the training it is wise to purchase a domain for your brand so you can be visible. My domain cost me $14.00 for an entire year and price will never change.

I urge you to become a premium member at a reasonable cost. You will get so much more training and unlimited support for your website. You can create 25 websites also. Think of the exposure and revenue possible in the world of online shopping today!

This is NOT a Get Rich Quick Scam

You must have time to work to make an income. I work at least 30 hours a week writing, learning and doing research for my site. Please see my site here https://biking-club.com.

This is a great opportunity to working home

This will not happen overnight but with hard work and perseverance you will get the hang of it and the possibilities are endless. I am working this and another job at night. When I am off and the weather is bad I stay inside and work. 

I know my readers don’t know me but I would not wish being scammed by people as it has happened to me. They are a waste of time and money. Please just looks at the reviews and videos about Wealthy Affiliate.


Please comment, ask questions and tell me how I can improve my site.

Secure Bike Locks – Don’t Lose Your Ride!

bicycles showing rear wheel locked and parked at the bicycle rack in a row during day time

Secure Bike Locks

Fahgettaboutit Chain & Disc Lock (click to view)

Price – $101.00

Prepared and creative thieves with be deterred by this monster lock. If love your bike like I do and want it to be 100% safe, this lock is your best bet.

This lock is extremely durable with heavy-duty construction and is meant for high crime areas. If your bike does get stolen when this lock is on, Kryptonite will pay up to $3,000 for the replacement of your bike!

This lock is a bit pricey, but if you must keep your bike outside, I highly recommend this lock.

Kryptonite Kriptolock Series 2 (click to view)


Price – $51.67

This lock is not so pricey but I recommend it for use when you can actually watch your bike or go into a store for a few minutes. Bolt cutters can cut locks, and this one is strong against them. The most determined thieves may be able to get past this one.

I Have Been a Victim 

I personally have been a victim of bike thieves when I lived in Tampa. They came into our garage in broad daylight with 3 cars in the driveway. We were home. They came in and stole 4 bikes. Was so sad.

When I ride I always have a lock and it is locked when I stop anyway. My heart literally pounds when I go outside to get it, hoping it is still there. I would buy that Kryptonite bike for sure for grocery shopping and other errands when I am away from it for a very long time.

When I had a parking garage, I read the reviews about my apartment having a high incidence of bike thefts. I kept it in my apartment. It is in my Chicago apartment as well.

I took this photo from the car while waiting for my friend to come out of work.  This is what thieves are doing now, I have seen this a lot.  They take your good tires.  Also, some riders take their tires with them so a thief cannot ride off.  I hope that is it!

Happy Riding and lock those bikes!


Best Fat Tire Mountain Bike – Snow Ride?

Product Review

Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike


Price: Retail ($329.99); Amazon ($272.99)

Guarantee: Limited lifetime Warrantee

My Rating: 10 out of 10


The steel-framed mountain bike is a great price for an all-terrain fat (knobby) tires will conquer any off-road terrain. Customers who bought this bike all give it a five star rating for the price and quality of this bike. All say it is easy to put together and it rides like a $1500 bike. It features Shimano gears for easy shifting, adjustable seat height and rides comfortably with beach cruiser pedals. This bike is made for adult riders who are 5’6″ to 6 feet in height. It is sturdy and tough with some weight due to the solid build.

Fat Tires and Their Purpose

There are good reasons to have a fat-tire bike if you like to ride in winter or in the sand. There are several reasons why these tires are good for those types of riders.

1. Riding bikes in the winter

As a Chicago native, when I am outside I see this type of bike when we have moderate snow because these tires will grip and not skid on ice. Some riders love to ride in winter!

2. It is totally different cycling experience

It is like getting a workout of cross-country skiing but with the control and fun of downhill skiing. These tires are chunky and keep your ride stable so you can have fun.

3. Float on the snow and sand better.

A skinny tire bike will get stuck, spin out and cause a wreck. I know this personally. I lived in Florida for a long time and I have a great bike with medium tires. I took it to the beach and wanted to ride so bad. My tires would let me ride, but it was really difficult.

4. Get in touch with nature

In the winter months, trails are virtually empty, allowing you to enjoy the scenery, listen to wild life, stop and sit on a bench, for a nap or read a book, when needing a break. I personally did this in Florida winter when it was 50 degrees (which Floridians think is cold). I rode my regular trail for hours on my own. It was so peaceful as I listened to music. Then on my way back home, I would stop for a bite to eat and a glass of wine. Nice relaxing day on my bike.

One thing to be aware of on this bike is the pumping of the tires. They can be pumped up by hand if you keep them pumped up so it won’t be so difficult. When a bike sits for a month or so, tires loose air and if these tires are really low you may need an electric pump. Bike shops will do this for you as well for a very small fee.

Wrapping Up

I highly recommend this bike for riders who want a great price on a quality bike. I want to let my readers know that I would never put a bike on my website if I would not buy it myself. I live in Chicago, I’m thinking of getting one for rides in the snow!

Please leave me a comment, questions and suggestions for improving my website for you.


Best Dirt Bike for Children – My Review as a Mom!

Product Review of this Great Dirt Bike

Product – DR-X Holeshot Kids Mini Dirt Bike

Price – (retail $269.00); My price – $335.00

Guarantee – Engine (3 months); Parts (1 month)

Size – 50 in. x 22 in. x 33 in.; seat 21 in. high

Susan’s Rating – 10 out of 10

This dirt bike is great for beginners who love this sport. The 50-inch size is perfect for young riders with built in training wheels. There is no clutch for them to fumble with a spring shock absorber for bumps so your child won’t feel full force.

The customer reviews are all positive for this particular bike. Also, my grandson loves this bike. He is 6 yrs old and rides his bicycle like it is a dirt bike, so I figured he was ready, so I bought him one for his birthday and he took to it quickly and loves it!

Other customers say that this bike is totally worth the money and replacement parts come fast from the company. Most have kids that are 6 years old and have little crashes, they contact the company for replacement parts and all say great company!

Is Your Little One Ready?


If your child is riding his or her bike and treating it like a dirt bike and watching videos about it, they are may be ready. You just need to make sure to have the protective gear for your little angel to protect them from inevitable crashes.

Protective Gear is Recommended

Full face helmet



Knee braces

Elbow Guards

Neck Brace

Body Armor

Hand Guards

Looks like a lot of gear but these will keep your child safe from crashes and elements outside. You can see my description and purpose of these items here:


Please refer to this link to find low cost gear and other alternative for your to find this gear.

Thank your for reading and please leave a comment or question.


Hybrid Ladies Bike Review – My Bike Style

Stats on My Bike

If you have read my story, you know that I am an avid rider and have been my entire life.  I have been averaging about 1500 miles on this bike per year for the last 5 years.  That is a lot of riding and my “baby” gets me around and is still in top condition.  I do take good care of it with regular maintenance and cleanings.

What I Ride and How I Ride

I have a bright pink Electra with 10 Shimano Gears.  I have to tell you, for a girl, I ride fast and hard.  Me and my bike have been everywhere, on all types of terrain, trails, long road rides, beaches, big hills and bridges to name a few.  My tires are all terrain thick tires.

I  have to admit when I lived in Florida I rode from Tampa on Bayshore all the way to St. Pete about 3 times per week.  During the Poke Mon craze I incurred a few flat tires from riding around people in the dirt and grass.  Sticks and nails went through my tires.  Luckily I had a good bike shop near me who would fix it fast for $16.00.  Not too bad.

What I Paid and Why

I got this bike because I gave my old bike a relative in need of a bike.  It was a present to myself for my birthday 5 years ago.  I went to a bike shop at the beach and had been wanting a pink bike with a white seat.  I went it and saw this bike and took it for a spin.  It was love at first site.  I then purchased accessories and I was giggling in the store because there was a man in there rolling his eyes and sighing.  I just kept adding more, and I figured a man won’t steal it at least!

I used to take my little dog with me always so a good basket was a must.  Also a horn and bell to warn walkers as people listening to music cannot hear me yell.  I would ride with my son, so I put on a rear view mirror so I could watch him behind me.  He could ride great but he thought it was funny to bump into me so it was self preservation:)

Pricing and What I found

As I said my bike was $600 plus another $150.00 for accessories and gear.  Amazon.com has a great bike that is comparable for literally half the price.  This bike  is not an Electra, but it is a Hybrid and is identical in build and look as mine.  It comes in many colors, sizes and gears.  If you are tall, you need a taller bike, for example. You can purchase accessories there as well.

Wrapping Up

As a rider of this type of bike.  This type of bike is highly recommended by me because of its comfort. overall performance and durability.  Hope you enjoy riding.

Please comment this post and let me know what you think.



Mountain Bike vs. Downhill Bike – Which One to Choose?

Mountain Bike Overview

If you are not a seasoned cyclist, mountain biking people ride heavy bikes with fat tires through forests and the most common form of mountain biking is known as cross-country. This type of riding is basically off-road trail riding that are a great workout and not really rough. Riders who want a big challenging ride steep hills with rocks and they are widely considered trail riders.

Downhill riding is more of a free riding form, and the differences get nuanced. Read on as I will show you how to understand the differences between a downhill bike and a free ride bike.

Downhill Mountain Biking

Downhill mountain biking is described in the word and is always downhill. Riders go to mountain tops in the off-season with lifts to the top. They ride using gravity and courage to take the ride back down. They love the adrenaline rush and downhill is the fastest route. I personally have been lifelong friends with a guy who does things like this a lot. He is still alive, it’s amazing. He is a total adrenaline junkie! These riders like obstacles such as boulders and downed trees, not avoiding them but look at them and must be scaled and jumped. Obviously, a full face helmet and all body armor is very important

Downhill Free Riding

Freeriding is a mix between downhill riding and cross-country riding. Freestyle riders love the aspect of downhill, but don’t want to drive to a ski resort or other venues. There are many places free riders can ride and after dropping down the hill and the jumps, they get back up the hill on their own power. As the name, this is a more free-form of riding, with a lot of jumps and tricks.

Free riding is my type of riding. I do seek out hills and obstacles and trails. I am terrified of heights to the extreme, so I could never riding down a mountain. Bridges and hills are so fun for me though.


These photographs illustrates the difference between these to bikes and riding styles. As you can see, the freestyle bike does tricks while the mountain bike goes down mountains and over obstacles.

Mountain Bikes


Freestyle Bikes

BMX biker performing a stunt in ramp park.

My Mountain Bike Story

Wrapping up, I would like to share my mountain bike story and some advice about the brakes. I learned the hard way. I was living in Florida, where it is flat and taking my kids on rides every day when they were very small. They were passengers. We moved to the foothills of the Blue Mountains in Georgia for a job. I still wanted to ride and the hills were too much for my beach cruiser. I went to a bike shop, had a mountain bike fitted for me.

We eventually moved back to Florida and I only had that bike. I was riding one day around the neighborhood on the sidewalk. A car blew a stop sign as I was crossing the street. I hit the brakes so I would not hit the car. The front brakes sent me hurling through the air and I fell on my bike and really hurt myself. Warning about the front brakes – do not use them on flat rides, use the back breaks and wear a helmet.